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New toy!

The tech blog has a new toy to mess with!

Today i received a high-powered Helium-Neon laser. Wait for some upcoming projects.


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Broken Projector Mod/Fix

The other day i got a Proxima Ultralight LS1 projector with a broken bulb for 20 dollars. After tearing it apart i found the bulb check control lines coming out of the ballast board. These lines check to see if there is a bulb in the projector. After bridging the +3.5v pin and the Return pin on the corresponding plug on the main control board, the projector thought there was a bulb in the unit. After Buying a 50w Mr16 halogen bulb (6 dollars) here from walmart, i built a custom bracket(see pic two).The bulb bracket was built out of a old cd drive case. The bulb runs of twelve volts. Using a old computer power supply (picture 4), i bridged the green wire and ground on the 20 pin atx connector(on the Power supply). This tricks the power supply into thinking a motherboard is connected to the power supply.  After connecting the bulb to the yellow and black pins on the standard 4-pin hard drive connector (picture 5)  on the power supply, it lit up the bulb. 50 watts isnt a lot, but it was still very bright.  The bracket connects to the cover of the Light Bulb port, which is a perfect spot to connect. The replacement bulb runs about 5 times cooler than the original, so no extra cooling is required. The only problem is brightness. Although this bulb was sufficient, seeing small details were difficult. I am eventually going to buy another bulb that is 100 watts. If anyone is going to follow this idea, i would strongly recommend a 100 watt bulb.

No images of it working, but i’ll try to post some tomorrow when i clean the dust of the internal lenses.

Working image at bottom!!!!!!

The Cable shown in this picture is the one i bridged. The cable goes between the Bulb PSU and the control board.

Talk to you all later.

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Hey how many of your have a wii? How many of you have a wii controller? Well im guessing those two numbers are the same. Well Johnny Chung Lee has figured out a way to use your wii-mote to create an interactive white board with multiple track points for CHEAP!!!!!                           

  (the following is from

Read the rest of the entry to find out how



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