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Quick Smart Test

Are You a smart person or a chemistry savvy person?

here is a quick test to find out!

What is this word?    Unionized

If you said Union-ized then you are not chemisty savvy.

If you said Un-ion-ized then you think like a chemist.


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Awsome Programs Pt.2

Today i am going to review a game software called trackmania.

Trackmania is a free and paid computer game, created by NADEO. The current free version of the game is called TMnations forever. TM Nations, is the free version of Trackmania. The paid version is called Trackmania United. I downloaded the free version a few years ago when it was a new game. Trackmania nations is a racing game, you can play it online, race premade maps, or race ones created by yourself. Tm nations utilizes nvidia graphics. I have to say, these graphics are AMAZING!!!!  It is close to quality produced in ps2 racing games.  The track creator is super simple, yet capable of creating amazing tracks, in a short amount of time.  TmNations even supports 3d graphics, with any red\blue glasses. My only complaint is that there is no choice of cars in the free version, you can still customize a f1 racer, with paint and labels. It is still possible to add cars into it.

Download here

Out of 11 stars i give this game a 10 out of 11

star-rating-10 out of 11

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Awsome Programs Pt.1

The next few days, into next week i am going to post free programs, and review them.

The first program i am going to review is a program by the name of InkScape

InkScape is a SVG graphics editor, and is the equivalence of a scaled down illustrator. It is a vector based image editor/creator. If you dont know what svg is, it stands for Scaleable Vector Graphics. Vector, is a way to make images using simple geometric shapes, including polygons, lines, and circles. Which is opposed to a raster graphics image software like photoshop. Photoshop uses raster graphics, which are composed of sqare shaped pixels.

InkScape has a simple layout that can be used by anybody that has used any program like ms paint. Even though it is simple, this program has vast capabilities drawing anything. There is also lots of documentation which hepls you get started. I followed a awsome tutorial, and had created the sweedish flag in 5 minutes. Then i created the US flag, in under 7 minutes.

To finish off this review, InkScape is availible for OSX, Windows, and linux. It is also availible in source files.

Out of 11 stars i give this a

8 out of 11

8 out of 11

download it here:

By the way, the star thing was made in InkScape in about 5 minutes

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