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Ever been envious?

Have you even been envious of those people who GET to drive those fun looking forklifts, but you are stuck sitting at a desk watching youtube videos about driving forklifts? Well your day has come to drive a forklift.



March 20, 2009 at 12:34 am 1 comment

The iPod without buttons

Thats right, the new iPod shuffle has only the hold switch on the shuffle itself. This ipod is tiny 1.8″ tall x 0.3″ thin to be exact.*To create the world’s smallest music player, apple moved the controls from iPod shuffle to the earbud cord. This allows apple to make the new iPod shuffle dramatically smaller, but not just for dramatically smaller’s sake. It’s also easier to use, with the controls located where you can access them quickly.* The controls of the new iPod shuffle are located on the right earbud cord. With command central now strategically placed in this more convenient location, you can navigate your music — and activate the VoiceOver feature — without taking your eyes off your run, your ride, or whatever you’re doing.*Musically speaking, the new iPod shuffle is brilliant, thanks to an exciting new feature called VoiceOver. Say you’re listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist. With the press of a button, VoiceOver tells you as the music dips down. It even announces the names of your playlists. And when your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too.*


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Blog trouble

Sorry, ive been debuggin the blog with html and widgets with my twitter if you can see. It will be fixed soon. The legal disclaimer will also be up before march 20th. New posts to come

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New posts and a new look to come

Hey all my blog readers. I am making a new header and have about 20 new posts lined up until april. Should be up within a day or two.

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