The New Dictionary?

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Now everybodys heard of the online dictionary, but you cant add any word you want to it can you. Well has changed that status “quo” 🙂 Urban dictionary has about every word even thought to be possible, i even have a few posted like “influx” an increase in fluxuations, defintion 2 on urbandictionary. Here is a list of some random words i found.

1. hillbillification
The effect Nascar, mullets, chewing tobacco, and country music are having on the children of our country.
James now refers to himself as Jim Bob. He chews tobacco, has a mullet, and drives a pickup with naked lady mudflaps and Nascar stickers. He is an example of the hillbillification of our society.
2. Hillbillification
When hillbillies move in and crap the place up with junk cars and other accountraments.
Look at the hillbillification going on around here, from the looks of the ratty RVs.
a group of Rolling Stones fanatics who travel all over for parties where only music from the Rolling Stones is played.
SHIDOOBEE in Wildwood, huh! Shidoobee, Shattered, Shattered
last name of a series of bosses in the Gambino crime family. All are idiots and fucked themselves by running thier mouths and showing off. John Gotti’s mouth made Sammy The Bull turn rat. Pete Gotti, John’s brother, was an idiot and got no respect. John Gotti Jr. is now on trial and will probably loose.
The Gotti’s are all fucking idiots and deserve to die in prison for thier stupidity alone

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